It’s official! It was a crazy hot day in October (high 80’s), bright and sunny. The day was a happy blur, and I’m so grateful for all of the wonderful friends and family who were a part of it. We’re patiently waiting for our professional wedding photographs, but here are a few taken by guests.


This was taken after our first look.  Brian forgot his shoes, so he’s wearing sneakers instead!  A wonderful friend picked up a new pair of dress shoes in time for the ceremony.


This is one of my all time favorite pictures ever of Brian.   This is pre-wedding



The views off the balcony were awesome!


We had our ceremony on the balcony.  It was a good size for our 40 guest wedding.


We spend all day Friday decorating the Tea Room.   I’m so happy with how it turned out (aside from the stink bugs!).  My mom made the beautiful table runners.  Poor Brian looks so lonely in this picture!


Hooray for cupcakes!  We got them from Sprinkles, and they were AWESOME!

I’ve noticed that this blog has been getting traffic from people searching for information about weddings at the Tea Room at Gambrill State Park.  Because I had SO much help from folks who had their wedding here, I’d love to pay it forward by keeping this blog up.  I’ll be updating it with more pictures, advice, and other information for future Tea Room couples.  To start, here is a link to my vendor reviews.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions about getting married at the Tea Room, and good luck with your planning!


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