Getting Married at the Tea Room?

I had so many questions about getting married at the Tea Room at Gambrill State Park (it definitely is a DIY venture!).  I searched for pictures, reviews, even emailed people who had gotten married there asking for tips!  Because I had so much help from strangers during the planning process, I would love to do the same for other potential Tea Room couples.  I’m keeping this website up even though the wedding is over, and I’ve updated it with some information about and photos from our wedding.

tea room

Here are some things that might be useful (most of these links can also be found along the top of this page):

I found looking at online albums of other Tea Room weddings really helped me visualize the space.  Here are a few:

I tried to avoid overloading on Pinterest or other online wedding resources that seem designed to make a person feel inadequate.  But here are a few that I found particularly helpful.

  • A Practical Wedding is the best, most grounded wedding resource I found.  The blog is not just about wedding tips (although it does feature fantastic and diverse weddings).  It focuses on relationships, love, and even harder topics.  It gave me so many words of wisdom (one of  my favorites: “The wedding should not be a surprise party for the groom.”) and it kept me focused on what was important.  This post  in particular kept me sane when I kept trying to worry about silly things (oh yeah, this one too!).  I hugely recommend her book as well
  • I loved Offbeat Bride as well (in particular their Tribe — completely worth the hassle of filling out the bio).  Sometimes I don’t feel quite offbeat enough to fit in with the crowd (Steampunk, polyamorous, vegan, mountain climbing wedding?  Rock on!), but it gave a lot of good ideas.
  • I’m a huge fan of reddit (when used responsibly!), and I loved the community in some of the wedding subreddits.  I recommend r/weddingplanning, r/wedding, and r/weddings.  They were great for sharing ideas or asking advice from people who had no vested interest.

Good luck in your planning!  Please explore this site and feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all.  I’m going through a little wedding planning withdrawal, so I’d be happy to help!


One thought on “Getting Married at the Tea Room?

  1. Hello! So thoughtful of you to leave this up. I am thinking about the tea room but I’m a little concerned at having to be finished by sundown. Did you find that to be a problem as most guests expect a longer reception? Thanks so much! I’ll probably have a ton of questions!

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