Wedding stuff for sale

I put so much time into collecting all the decorations, tableware, and miscellaneous things that were part of our wedding.  But now they’re cluttering up the apartment, and I’d like to pass them on to another couple.  Here’s what is available.  I will mark it “sold” as soon as it’s gone. (Most photos courtesy our talented photographer: Jerold Santa Cruz)

Questions? Interested in buying? Contact me at  We live in the Silver Spring, MD area.

Mismatched plates –  $2 / plate

41 dinner plates, 36 dessert plates

I spent a ton of time scouring thrift stores and yard sales for mismatched, mostly vintage plates.  There’s a variety of styles, but I’d prefer to sell them as a set. (SOLD)

platesplate3 plates2

Silverware and Glassware

  • We bought the Fornuft sets from IKEA, which retail for $8.99 for four sets.  I have 7 complete sets of silverware (28 dinner knives, dinner forks, tablespoons, teaspoons, and dessert forks).  It cost $63 for them; I’ll sell them for $40.


  • 47 IKEA SVALKA white wine glasses.   We paid $38 for these (well, including the one that broke!).  We’ll sell them for $25. (SOLD)
  • 47 IKEA SVALKA champagne flutes.  We paid $38 for these as well!  We’re selling them for $25 (SOLD)
  • 65 small IKEA water glasses (they no longer sell these).  $20 for the set (SOLD)champagne



  • White Romantisk trays from IKEA.  Originally $9.99 apiece, for sale for $10 for 2. SOLD
  • 5 mismatched glass cake stands, purchased from thrift stores.  $10 apiece.  Make a beautiful cake display!
    IMG_8172cake stands
  • Three white Martha Stewart cupcake stands.  Hold 24 cupcakes.  Originally $19.99 / stand.  We’ll sell all three for $40. SOLDcupcakescupcake stands
  • White three tier cupcake stand  Originally $13.  We’ll sell for $8.
  • Drink carafes / Storage jars.  We have three of the carafes and four of the chalkboard jars (all $5 apiece).  One of the carafes is missing its cap. IMG_8176carafesMisc. Stuff
  • 24 Place card holders.  We used these for seating cards, but they could also be used to hold table numbers.  Amazon is selling them for $22.  We’ll sell them for $15. (SOLD)place cardplace card holders
  • Black and grey plastic trash can.  Our venue didn’t have a trash can for the main area, so we brought our own.  I don’t have any pictures, but it’s just a regular plastic trash can with a swing lid.  $5
  • 6 brand new TOLSBY picture frames.  $5 for all of them.  They’d be great for table numbers.picture frame
  • 5 ROTERA IKEA lanterns.  IKEA sells them for $3.99.  I’ll sell all 5 for $10. SOLDlanternlantern2
  • 6 glass serving bowls.  $15 for all of bowlsglass bowlIf you are interested in any of these items, please contact me at

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