Where to Stay

Frederick is fairly equidistant from both Baltimore and Washington DC (about an hour drive from each).  If you’re flying in, BWI, Dulles, or Reagan Airports would all be good options.  BWI is my preference because it’s a Southwest hub.

The Google map below should give you a good sense of the relative distance of everything.  The yellow sun is Gambrill State Park, the wedding location.  The house with the flag is the neighborhood where we live.  You can also see your airport options.

You have lots of options when choosing where to stay.  If you are only coming for the wedding (and aren’t planning on visiting DC), then I highly recommend staying in Frederick.  The rates are typically cheaper, and there are decent hotels fairly close to the venue.

Based on tripadvisor ratings, here are the “best” hotels in Frederick:

  • Hampton Inn Frederick (17 minutes from the venue).  Currently, rooms are $135 / night
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Frederick – Fort Detrick (16 minutes from the venue) Rooms start at $152 / night
  • Hilton Garden Inn Frederick (14 minutes from the venue) Rooms start at $135 / night
  • And the best “budget” hotel, according to tripadvisor, is Days Inn Frederick (15 minutes from the venue), which has rooms starting at $67 / night (it’s what I would pick if I were a guest … we’re frugal people!) (I can’t speak to the other hotels, but the people who stayed here were NOT satisfied with their accommodations.  I didn’t get details — I think they were trying to spare my feelings — but I would no longer recommend the Days Inn.)

My parents stayed at this vacation rental, which was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  Read more about it on the vendors page.

I you are planning on staying a few extra days and exploring DC, you probably want to stay closer to the city.  Silver Spring (where we live) is a nice area, with a Metro station that can quickly take you into the city.  Other Maryland suburbs you might want to check out are Rockville or Bethesda.  They are nice areas not too far from the city.

An unorthodox option would be to check out AirBnB, a site where people offer their homes to travelers, usually at a very reasonable cost.  If you’re frugal and a little adventurous, it could be a fun option.  If you’re planning on staying near us in Silver Spring, I can recommend a graduate school friend who rents out bedrooms through the site.  She’s quite normal and friendly, I promise!

I HIGHLY recommend using the “Name Your Own Price” option on Priceline.com to get a good deal on a hotel room.  I’ve used it many times and almost always get rates far below the rack rate (or even bulk wedding rates).  Betterbidding.com is a website that gives really good tips on how to get the best rates from Priceline.  Here are links to their Maryland and DC forums.

If you have any questions or comments about accommodations, please email us, or fill out the form below.


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